The Proof is in the Coding: QR Codes

Thu, 09/29/2011

As a continuation to our last post, here's more relevant information on QR code and how you can make it work with your marketing campaigns.

Quick Response Codes (or QR Codes) is a great technology that when used correctly can work to your advantage. In a recent article on Tim Peterson dives into a recent study released by research firm comSource. The study shows that QR Codes do in fact work and their demographic can stretch across a vast audience. While adoption and overall use of QR codes in the U.S. is still small, we do see the relevance and opportunity for QR code adoption within marketing efforts – if executed properly.

 In June, more than 14 million consumers scanned a QR code or barcode using their mobile device, according to the study. “It’s increasingly hard to walk through a major city or open a publication and not see QR Codes,” said Mark Donovan, SVP of mobile at the company. The study polled ages 13 and older, 85% of those who were polled owned a smartphone. Print was the most popular medium from which consumers scanned the codes.

Read more of the article here: DMNews- QR Codes Study

Consider that on an average, consumers are being hit with more than 5,000 marketing messages daily. Now, beyond the 3-second interaction with an ad, text or other marketing message try turning it into rich, proactive, permission-based interaction and that could be huge, right? Beyond just that, imagine that the ad the consumer chose to engage in was yours. They forwarded your embedded code or even told others about it. See where I’m going with this? It is a powerful vehicle!

With the growth of content sharing and mobile evolving daily there is no question that the popularity of QR Codes will not drain out in the near future. Make sure you stand out and don’t become one of the cluttered messages in the consumer’s mind at the end of the day.


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