Print Production

Quality, cost and speed are all factors in your marketing equation. To help you meet your varying needs, DCG offers state-of-the-art offset printing and digital print production facilities across the nation, with global printing capabilities available through our membership in the International Printers’ Network (IPN).  We provide traditional offset printing and latest digital printing services; utilize print on demand technology to personalize your marketing materials to maximize your return on investment.

Offset Printing

You’ve invested heavily in your brand. Make sure that every impression you make supports that investment and contributes to your brand equity with high-quality offset printing.

With traditional offset sheet fed and web press options, DCG can produce mid- to high-volume print materials that depict your brand’s identity in stunning fashion and deliver the quantity you need, when you need it.

• One- to six-color printing for accurate color reproduction (best match for Pantone® colors)

• Ability to use unique inks such as metallics and fluorescents

• Computer-to-plate technology so every impression is an exact replica

• Detailed proof-to-press matching to ensure quality

• More affordable for high print quantities

• Ability to print on a variety of materials such as diverse types of paper, metal, leather and plastic

Digital Printing

Some marketing campaigns benefit from shorter print runs that can be customized to individuals or groups. That’s where DCG’s digital printing technology excels.

Our digital printing lets you print anything from black and white reproduction to high-resolution six-color printing in quality that rivals offset printing, varying data so that each piece is personalized. And because no film or metal plates are required, there’s little set-up time or expense.

• Improve your response rate with personalized appeals

• Decrease obsolescence, eliminate waste and reduce warehousing inventory costs

• Enjoy faster turnaround

• Print updated materials when and where needed

Global Printing Capabilities

Global business is fast becoming the standard for successful organizations, but maintaining consistency in your brand identity and production quality when printing overseas can be a challenge. Our membership in the International Printers’ Network (IPN) adds more than 180 locations in 45 different countries around the globe to our capabilities so you can deliver a consistent marketing message worldwide, across multiple channels, to communicate your brand and drive sales.

• The latest technology

• Print and distribute locally on each continent

• No customs, tariffs or delays

• Increase speed to market

• Language assistance


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