E-mail Marketing: Another Way DCG is Delivering for Its Customers

Mon, 10/18/2010

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This statement rings even truer when it comes to marketing. Our clients trust in us to produce beautifully branded mail pieces, and we deliver. But our marketing capabilities don't stop there. The same creativity and care we put into our print pieces can easily be converted to an electronic file and sent via e-mail.

When we combine e-mail with direct mail for our clients, we successfully deliver increased response rates. A prospect may not act on a mail piece when it arrives, yet are reminded of it when an email follows. Conversely, we can deliver an email message that may not be read right away, and that prospect is re-engaged when they receive the direct mail piece a few days later. Individually, direct mail and email have their strengths in marketing. However, an integrated marketing strategy of direct mail and email together reaches more recipients in more ways than either medium when used on its own.

Many of our clients have already used our multi-channel marketing capabilities. They trust us with their delivery, and they rely on us to provide the reporting and analysis to take their future campaigns to the next level. With our email marketing tool, we can pinpoint which recipients opened the message, clicked on links in the message and when. Analyzing these metrics, we can provide our clients with how effective their creative material is, when the best target days and times are and who in their list is most likely to respond on a call to action. This translates to sales and revenue for our clients and strengthens our reputation as their marketing experts.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and with our multichannel approach, we can make sure that first impression is a lasting one. Look for more on e-marketing in the posts to come - including how Direct Connect Group is using the power of social networks to deliver branded messages!

Cathy Fonk
Director, Online Marketing


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