Remember the Rule of Integration

Tue, 12/14/2010

I recently read a good, quick article from Deliver Magazine. It reminded me about the basic rules of integration - mixing a variety of channels - both on- and offline together in order to create an optimal prospect experience.

With the economic collapse, many marketers, for good reason, had to abandon some of their more expensive channels and focused their efforts on cheaper marketing tactics that often were within the digital space. But now that the economic recovery is underway (albeit slowly), we need to remind ourselves of the marketing mix of old!

The article points out a few good reminders: the average email inbox receives 14-15 marketing emails per day. If you're like me, that number is actually quite a bit higher and with my morning routine of sweeping and deleting most of my emails without looking closely, your hard work and effort within that email you created could be trashed quickly.

Conversely, 79% of households still read/scan their mail daily. Think about that compared to email on its own. If you run an integrated campaign, you can leverage email as a "heads-up" that something is coming in the mail. Or, use it the other way as a reminder that they should have received a piece in the mail.

Again, no single marketing channel is going to work better on its own. Having an integrated approach is key. Here's the article - worth the quick read:


Ben Allen

Director, Marketing Services

Direct Connect Group


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