Sales and Marketing – Can’t We Just Get Along?

Mon, 11/29/2010

As long as they've been a part of organizations, sales and marketing teams have been finding ways to deflect responsibility and blame each other for poor marketing results or dismal sales performance.


The sales team says: “Why can’t marketing get there stuff together? The leads they send us are worthless! Only a small fraction of the leads are qualified to be an opportunity and I’m spending way too much time on culling through all of these leads to find those random few that may actually convert.”


Marketing says: “These sales guys are such winers. Here in marketing, we’re working hard with limited budget and are handing them great leads on a silver platter, and still they can’t close a deal. Maybe if they got off the golf course and focused on diligent follow-up with the materials we give them, they’d be able to close some deals.”


So who’s right and who’s wrong? Simply put, neither. For any good organization to succeed, the most important thing is for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and work together – not against each other. To do this, quantifiable and action-oriented lead scoring needs to be developed where agreed upon definitions and scoring criteria are used to determine the movement of any given lead.


So if specific lead scores are attained and are “sales-ready”, the lead moves to sales and the assigned sales rep has his/her marching orders for follow-up. Further, if the lead score comes back as a “marketing owned” lead, the marketing team needs to have appropriate and relevant nurture communications developed and ready in order to keep the brand top-of-mind with the prospect.


It takes time and collaboration to fully integrate a sales and marketing process for lead generation, but when it’s put in place, everyone wins.


Ben Allen

Director, Marketing Services

Direct Connect Group


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